Top 10 Ways To Spot An Eliel

It is the year 2020. People are being cloned left and right. Why? I don't know. Some government experiment, maybe?

Anyway, this got me thinking. What if there were 1 gazillion Eliels running around in the world? How will I know who the real Eliel is? Will he please stand up? But what if he won't?

So anyway, for the fun of it, I came up with a little list of helpful ways to spot an Eliel. It might come in handy one day. Might as well be prepared, you know? :)

Top 10 Ways to Spot an Eliel:

1. He frequents McDo and KFC, and his exact orders are as follows:
Mcdo - Chicken fillet with rice + Burger McDo meal (regular fries and regular Sprite)
KFC - one of these combinations: Wow steak with rice + Hot Shots meal (regular fries and regular Mountain Dew) + extra rice OR 1 piece original chicken with rice + 1 piece hot and crispy with rice meal (regular Mountain Dew)

2. He constantly worries about the state of the stock market. Between 9 A.M.-12 P.M., he is on

3. He is a rare guy who hates violent movies. He will watch Mandy Moore movies with me with great enthusiasm. Seriously.

4. He is a decent rapper, especially when it comes to Salbakuta songs. True story: he loves to show off by singing Stupid Love on karaoke nights.

5. Also, he treats life as one big musical. He will complete my sentences...with a song line.
Yza: Yelie! Hello!
Eliel: Is It me you're looking for?

6. He will keep wearing old high school batch shirts even if high school was 7 years ago.  Probably 'coz his old shirts only fit  him now. (Late bloomer!)

7. He will make an Excel chart for (literally) every thing: his expenses, his laundry list , his Mafia Wars weapons, his Black Jack/Pontoon strategies, the flavor/dip combinations we've tried at Flaming Wings.

8. He says he's "lactose intolerant" even if he's not. And he endlessly complains about his "muscle spasms". Muscle smwashamssss.

9. He does not know how to properly eat chicken. It always has left-over meat and skin.

10.  He does not care about winning arguments. I always win arguments. Ha!


p.s. One more thing about Eliel... He always copies me! I will bet a million bucks that he's going to write a similar list right after I post this. LOL Peace, Yelie:)


  1. here's my revelations:
    1) I know I told him to budget his salary well (when he got his first pay envelope) but when he showed me the colored spreadsheet he has accounting for everything, whoa! budget/auditor/finance analyst in one.

    2)chicken left overs? True! That's why I like eating chicken with him. I may not order anything anymore. I eat what he leaves behind. Too much good meat left :)

    3) yes, he still wears high school shirts. Is he also wearing that pink tshirt and bringing along the pink stroller? hahaha!

    4) How come you win arguments? He debates with me until every syllable I make he bumps over. In the end, he manages to win!

    Interesting write, Yze. I like it. And for all of what eliel aka ej aka edoy is, he's a unique person whom I love dearly :)

  2. hi tita! you have a very unique son! glad to know you can relate to my list.haha by the way, i eat his chicken leftovers, i inherited his pink shirt(pang-balay nalang tawn siya),and as for the last one...yes, he likes to argue. i'm just lucky he read that speech by Adrian Tan. so now, he let's me win.hihi