Backpacking in Thailand (Part 5): Bangkok

2 weeks later, we made it to our last stop: Bangkok. 

We stayed at the Lullaby Inn in Silom. It wasn't our cheapest, but it was still a good price - Php 5,092 for 3 nights. It also had a very Thai feel to it. The towels were shaped like little elephants! Super cute.

We didn't really have much planned for Bangkok. We just wanted to go around and chill, since we were on the last few days of our trip. 

On our first afternoon, we went around the famous Khaosan Road. On our second day, we met up with one of our highschool batchmates, Irene. And on our third day, we did the requisite temple hopping.

Shame we only did 1 out of 7.haha

Pretty rainbow crepe. Taste was meh though.
My new friend.

In the evening, we had dinner at the Asiatique. Lovely place to hang out.

The next day was a Sunday so we heard mass and headed to the Chatuchak Weekend Market with our local tour guides, the surfer girls: Irene + Jilmo + Mayet.

Irene, who I haven't seen in a very long time.
After our shopping session, we took a much-needed break.

The cool banana

The next day, we had to visit the famous Wat Pho and see the Reclining Buddha.

Looking at the huge golden Buddha.

Afterwards, we attempted to check out the Grand Palace. However, there was just too many people, so we decided to let it go. Maybe next time. :)

We took a cab and we met this driver who was collecting different currencies from all over the world. He showed us his collection and it was impressive. He didn't have Philippine pesos yet, so he was very excited to meet us. We gave him this 20 peso bill and made him so happy.hehe

For our last dinner at Bangkok, we went to the Sukhumvit Soi 38 Night Food Market as recommended by friend.

After dinner, while we were on the train home, we got a call from Irene. She wanted to check up on us because there was a bomb that exploded in a nearby area. Scary. Thankfully, we were safe. We saw a crowd as we passed by the street where the bombing happened, and we had a few police/military guys with us on the train.

What a way to wrap up our last night in Bangkok. The bombing brought us back to reality and for the first time, we wanted to go home to Manila. And home we went. The next morning, we were on the plane headed to our beautiful Philippine islands, extremely grateful for the adventure we just had, and super ready to get back to work (not really, haha).

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