Camiguin + Whitewater Rafting in CDO

Once in a while, the girls get together and catch up outside of our chat group. This time, we headed to the south of the Philippines. With Pat and Mar coming from Singapore, Eliel and I coming from Manila, and Jessa coming from Cebu, we decided to meet up in Cagayan de Oro. From there, we traveled together to the island of Camiguin.

I first visited the island as a child more than ten years ago, yet and it seems that most of the island has remained the same. This time, I had Eliel and my favorite friends with me, so of course it was bound to be lots of fun. We've been on many trips together, but now that we're older, we've become more chill as travelers. We now choose our battles instead of cramming every single sight and activity into a short amount of time. We've decided that we don't really have to climb every mountain and cross every stream if we don't feel like doing so.haha

After getting our summer sunshine in Camiguin, we spent a day at the Cagayan de Oro river and crossed white-water rafting off our bucket list. My initial goal was just to stay alive, but I ended up enjoying it and I think everyone did, too. It's something I wouldn't mind doing again.

I'm not going to write a long narrative because I completely forgot all the details (lol), but here are some of my fave photos from our adventure. :)


The underground cemetery 
We took the banca across the rough sea to get to the giant cross, but they say you can also do a bit of snorkelling here.

The Old Church Ruins
This was caused by the eruption of one of Camiguin's seven volcanoes. For a tiny island, Camiguin sure has so many volcanoes.

Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring
A great way to cool down after a long day.

The famous White Island
No words needed. :)

Giant Clam Sanctuary
We enjoyed a sanctuary tour conducted by a super smart little girl.

Katibawasan Falls
Beautiful falls, though it was too cold for us to go for a swim. Or we were too lazy. Can't remember which.

Our home in Camiguin - the super affordable Paguia's Cottages.  :) 

White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

Finally headed home. Tired, but happy.