Backpacking in Thailand (Part 1)

On day 10 of our Indochina trip, after visiting Vietnam and Cambodia, we were off to our last stop: Thailand! We had 2 cities on our list: Chiang Mai and Bangkok. We spent 3 nights in each city.

We got to Chiang Mai via bus. The first bus took us from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Bangkok, Thailand. From Bangkok, we took a first class sleeper bus to Chiang Mai.
Bangkok bus terminal
E checking the bus schedules
One quick chicken rice meal in between two long bus rides
Street food
A word of warning to those who plan to do the same: be prepared to spend about 21 hours inside a bus (10 hours from Siem Reap to Bangkok, 11 hours from Bangkok to Chiang Mai). FYI, you can definitely take a plane to save time. But if you're on a budget, a bus ride isn't so bad. In fact, I found it to be quite enjoyable. I know it's crazy, but I seriously love long trips. It's the perfect bonding experience. It also helped that we took the first class bus. 

Waiting lounge for the first class bus 
Some laptop time for E
It was the comfiest bus ride of my life - we had blankets, pillows, a meal, snacks, and a wide selection of movies. It's like a plane ride, but on a bus (lol), complete with a flight attendant (what do you call the bus equivalent?).

Snacks and meal that came with the bus ticket
We stayed at the Yindee Stylish Guesthouse, which we booked online while we were on that long bus ride. It was a nice, decent place to stay, and really cheap, too. We only spent Php 3,315 for 3 nights. The location was perfect as it was near many small restaurants and guest houses.

Our simple room
After we got ourselves settled in, it was time to explore. :)

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For more on our 16-day Indochina backpacking trip (full itinerary + expenses), click on the photo below.


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