Top 10 Ways To Spot An Yza - The Response

And so Yza went on to imagine that cloning has become prolific around the world by the year 2020 (view post here). If she has identified 10 ways to spot the real me, I might as well come up with my own list of ways to spot the real her. Something I learned from the boy scouts, always be prepared.

Top 10 Ways To Spot An Yza:

1. She can't survive 30 minutes without a lip balm, she'd give anything for one.

2. She calls me Yelie or any variation derived from it such as Yelie-bean, Yelie-bear, Yelie-belly and Yelie-gator.

3. She has a weird way of scratching her nose -- using the back of her hand.

4. She can't withstand a little bit of coldness in the air -- makes a weird sound with her throat when she's cold -- but yet she wants to live in an igloo.

5. She loves to sing (and play guitar) to Taylor Swift songs, 'cause this is her swallowing her pride standing in front of me saying she's sorry for that night, and she goes back to December all the time. So I'll be her prince and she'll be my princess, it's a love story, baby just yes. True story.

6. She drinks water like a little baby, one tiny gulp at a time.

7. A single pimple ruins her day.

8. She endlessly complains about her "carpal tunnel syndrome". Carpal shmarpal. Tunnel Shmunnel. Hmph!

9. She can't live knowing that there will be some left-over chicken skin after meals from my plate. She eats all of it, if need be.

10. She always wins each and every argument, not because she really does but only because I allow her to. As Adrian Tan said, when you've already won her heart, you don't have to win every argument.



  1. 'Yung #1 lang ang alam ko hehe :D Nice list. Napa-awww ako sa #10 bigla hehe :P


  2. mica! yung #1 talaga.hahaha ang sweet noh?lol dapat lang!:))

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