South Cebu Road Trip

"Celebrate the happiness that family and friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living." - Amanda Bradley

Photo by: Renwick Sarmiento

Last weekend, we went home to Cebu to celebrate my mom's birthday in advance. Yza and Donna performed their girlfriend duties and agreed to come with us. =D The original plan was a weekend in Bantayan but because of unfavorable weather, we decided to turn 180º (literally) and go to Alegria instead. The 2-month plan was scrapped in a blink of an eye and the one-night plan prevailed.

A spontaneous weekend was ahead of us.

After making hotel reservations a couple of hours before we left, we hit the road and headed south. After a couple of stop-overs in Carcar and Barili (the famous Milk Station), we reached Costa de Leticia (CdL) in Alegria, a place we didn't know what to expect except the (probably edited) pictures from their website. But to our surprise, it was exactly what we were looking for (probably even more).

Photo by: Renwick Sarmiento
Checked-in, dropped our bags, decided to save the amenities of Costa de Leticia for later and headed to Kawasan Falls before it got dark.

Photo by: Renwick Sarmiento
The falls were stronger than ever (probably because of the recent Tsunami in Japan... or not), we just had to experience the smaller one on the left. The larger one on the right was just too much to bear.

Photo by: Renwick Sarmiento

It was a quick one as darkness started to cover the skies of Badian. We hiked back to civilization and headed back to CdL to rest a bit. For dinner, we wanted to try a restaurant nearby which a lot of people from internet forums recommended (yes, we had to rely on the internet for everything since we just had one night to plan =D).

A simple restaurant located in the middle of nowhere, Cosina Organica boasts of its well-presented and tasteful dishes cooked up by none other than Chef Wetwa.

Photo by: Renwick Sarmiento

Good food, good ambiance and a funny chef, Cosina Organica is a must-try restaurant if you happen to pass by Alegria.

Nica arrived the next day (together with her soon-to-be-chef classmates) and the rest of the day was spent relaxing, swimming in the pool, eating near the pool and photo op by the pool. After we exhausted Costa de Leticia, we had to get back on the road and kiss South Cebu goodbye.

But before that, we had to stop again at the Milk Station in Barili to try (again) their yummy and cheap ice cream (which Yza enjoyed so much)...

Photo by: Renwick Sarmiento
...and eat the rice and pork belly (Nica's soon-to-be-chefs friends cooked up) kinamot-style which I very much missed.

Photo by: Renwick Sarmiento
A simple video below to put together all the captured moments during the whole trip. Enjoy! =D

Advanced happy birthday, mother dear!

Photo by: Renwick Sarmiento


  1. The Family Room we got was around ~Php3,350 at that time with 1 king size bed and 1 queen size bed. The room was only good for 4 people though so we had to add Php600 per additional person. You can also check out Costa de Leticia's website at to get the latest rates.