Happy US!

E and I have been craving for more “productive” weekends. You know – get some air, see new things, build new memories. ‘Coz even though we love our “mikla” days (ordering take-out, mindless Facebooking, watching our never-ending list of TV series, watching movies on the laptop, me-reading books and him-reading forums on stock trading), we do need to go out sometimes.

So the past month, we did just that. And honestly I think we exhausted ourselves. LOL But in a good way. :P

Double date Weekend

It started with a double date. (awesome photo c/o Kuya Renwick).

Kuya Renwick and “Ate” Donna invited us to spend a crazy day at Enchanted Kingdom. Lucky for me they suggested it, because I have been pestering E about going back there for so many months already.  The last time we went to EK was during our first anniversary. That’s 2 years ago. 

Honesty, the only reason I wanted to go back was this:

This alone completed my day. :D
The place was super packed, but we stood in line and rode as many rides as we could. We also spent a considerable amount of time posing in front of the camera, hoping that no overexcited kid trips on the tripod.

‘Twas a day well spent.
Valentine’s Day

Come V-day, we decided to go on a “date”, but not a DATE date (dress up, fancy resto, roses, etc), ‘coz we never do that anyway. We just hang out. No mushy, romantic whatevers.  Anyway, there’s this café I’ve always wanted to visit, it’s called Café Noriter, which is just along Taft, on top of Tapa King. Suggested this to E and he said yes, so off we went.  It was a good call. Great ambiance, place not packed, and no signs of sugary sweet couples with girls holding bouquets or teddy bears or chocolates.

The food was good. It’s a café so they serve different kinds of coffee, smoothies, waffles, bread, sandwiches.  No rice meals though.  We've already eaten before meeting up, so the food was just perfect. 

My honey bread was so yummy and E seemed to like his sandwich:

The place was cozy and quirky and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. The décor made me smile, we got to walk barefoot and sit on the floor, there’s paper cups you can decorate(best ones get displayed),  you can write on the wood panels(walls, floors, everywhere). It’s a cute and photogenic place, and very homey too.

I’m in love with the place almost as much as I love E. 

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

That weekend, we went on a road trip and drove all the way to Clark Air Base in Pampanga for the annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Lots and lots and lots of people!

We were advised by friends to leave early to catch the morning balloon flights. The thing is, we couldn’t get up at 4AM. So we got to Clark at lunch time. No worries, because even though we missed the morning flight, there were activities the whole day through.

Airplane exhibitions, firefighting demos, kite flying contests, etc. There were booths everywhere and everyone’s on the grass, either lying down, eating, flying kites, blowing bubbles(my favorite) or watching the exhibitions. Also, there’s the hot air balloon “Night Glow” to watch for at sundown.


Full tank?
Unfortunately for us, the winds were too strong that night, so the hot air balloons couldn’t take off. But they still looked pretty.

Las Piñas Bamboo Organ Festival

The week after, we drove to Las Piñas to check out the famous bamboo organ which we only used to read about in our Araling Panlipunan textbooks.  It was worth the drive.

Pretty, isn’t it?
The main event for that night was the “Concert Under the Stars” featuring this really good chorale group(makes me miss my college days), Juris(who sang 2 songs and left), a not so popular dude whose name I forgot, and our new joint crush, Sitti(our old joint crush, by the way, is Sam Milby, haha!)

We love her.
2nd International Pyro-musical Competition

2 weekends later, we trooped to SM Mall of Asia to watch the much-anticipated Pyro-musical competition. That night featured Japan and Canada. We took no photos because 1)it was drizzling and E didn’t want to bring out his cam, and 2)E was not in the mood to take photos of the fireworks (he says he has too many fireworks photos already). That’s too bad coz Japan had a really nice rendition of “What a Wonderful World.” Well, actually, their whole presentation was really good. A video would have been cool. Canada’s performance paled in comparison.

And so goes our productive month.

Happy US (as in Urgel Sarmiento.HAHA!) :)

Epilogue: Because of all the activities, we lost precious series-watching time. We made up for it by watching a lot of episodes of The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Glee, Leverage, Fringe and The Vampire Diaries on the first weekends of March. 

Last weekend, we went to Cebu. But that’s another story.