SciHiOhFour Goes Enchanted Kingdom

With our birthdays just a month apart, Yza and I decided to do a joint celebration this year on the weekend midway both dates. Amongst the normal celebrations (e.g. lunch/dinner treats) for different groups of people, the one for the high school batchmates here in Manila was something different. It was the perfect opportunity to finally push through with the Enchanted Kingdom plans since this has been pending for quite some time (not that long ago, just 8 years).

Last January 29, the 8-year plan was finally realized. With two cars and eight people, we headed to the place where the magic lives on.

Lady, Chai, Sir Tabat, Rach, Gia, Ness, Yza, Eliel

We lined up under the scorching heat of the sun to buy our tickets. Good thing there was this Chinese New Year Promo that time where they’re giving away free siomai, dice hopia and Coke for a group of 5 people. So we took it and just bought additional 3 regular tickets (too bad Karl and Erika weren’t able to join, we could have gotten 2 batches of the promo – more food!). Anyway, we had sure snacks even before we entered so we were happy.

enchanted kingdomenchanted kingdomenchanted kingdomenchanted kingdomenchanted kingdom

Ness and Tabat were the only ones who haven’t been to EK yet so we had to prioritize all the must-try rides (which was what everyone wanted anyway).

Dodgem, Anchor’s Away, Log Jam, Rio Grande Rapids, Flying Fiesta, Space Shuttle and Wheels of Fate – we screamed, laughed, got wet (even soaked) and more. Some of us tried the other attractions as well like the pay-as-you-play carnival type of games which give you chances to win big stuffed toys. Lady and Tabat tried the trampoline-jumping thing (I forgot the name) while Yza and Lady (again) tried the EKstreme (the new ride where you are raised slowly to a very high place to build up tension then just drop you to the ground in less than 2 seconds).

enchanted kingdom anchors awayenchanted kingdom flying fiestaenchanted kingdom wheels of fateenchanted kingdom space shuttleenchanted kingdom carousel

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without the requisite group shots.

enchanted kingdom group picenchanted kingdom group picenchanted kingdom group picenchanted kingdom group pic
11 Cinemagraph-Up-Up-and-Away

We left EK at around 8PM, while the fireworks were at display. I didn’t have much pictures so to make up for it, I put together a video which captures the good moments of the whole trip (and to immortalize the screaming faces of Chai, Lady, Rach and Gia. haha!). 

We capped off the night with a sumptuous dinner at Rose and Grace Restaurant (near Nuvali / Paseo de Sta. Rosa). Bulalo! =)

It was such a fun-filled day and a nice way to celebrate another year in this world. To more road trips / outings planned AND executed!



  1. ka funny sa video uy. nalingaw ko sa faces ni gia and rach sa anchor's away!

  2. haha jerah! i have the whole thing recorded, from the time relax pa kaayo sila kay wala pa gasugod, until the end na gikapoy na sila cge shagit. =)