The Many Hairstyles of E

On Eliel's birthday, I thought it would be fun to post something different. So I browsed through his photos and came up with this little survey about his hair. You see, I've been with this guy for 4 years now and he can't seem to stop messing around with his hair. He's actually more adventurous than I am in terms of hairstyling. He's been encouraging me to cut my hair short, but I can't. Not yet, anyway.

If you haven't seen my Facebook post, here it is. Ta daaaa.

From E's uncle:

Anyway, I was overwhelmed with the responses. Didn't expect to get so many votes. And so varied! Also, some votes were totally unexpected. For the sake of everyone who participated in my little poll, here are the results..

Total votes: 90

3rd Place  (tie, 9 votes each)
Boy-next-door charm and my mom's preferred boyfriend look.

2nd Place (triple tie, 12 votes each)
Artista look. Matteo, Enchong? Um.

E's favorite ID picture.

Rockstar. Current look.

1st Place (15 votes!)
Yep. This photo actually won. Hahaha!

RFC org chart photo. Highschool geekery.

Special Mentions
With comments from the voters.
(5 votes)


(4 votes)
Got the votes of our French friends. So next time E goes to Paris, he's styling his hair like this.

(3 votes)


(1 vote)


I totally forgot about it, but Eliel went bald sometime in college. I don't have a better photo. This was taken back when we weren't together yet, when we were just friends.

So what's next?

Maybe next year?haha If we get enough photos for a goatie poll :))

E, time to change your profile pic! bwahaha

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the survey! E is very flattered. This will definitely come in handy when he decides that it's time for a haircut.