Hong Kong – The Peak

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, E and I (together with my favorite girls Pat, Jes and Riri plus Tita Ceres) went on a Hong Kong vacation early this November. On our second day, our itinerary included a trip to The Peak, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and a city tour aboard the open-top buses.

Before heading out, we couldn’t miss breakfast at the Very Good Seafood Restaurant. It was on the same building as the Taisan Guesthouse where we stayed for a couple of nights, so we walked by it a lot of times. We actually thought it was a take-out counter and were surprised when the lady led us to an underground restaurant. An actual restaurant. (As Ria pointed out, it’s like Cebu’s Grand Majestic.lol)

Since it was still early, they only served breakfast fare, meaning mostly dimsum. Hai, I’d love to eat dimsum every morning for breakfast.


After a that big, yummy breakfast, it was time to start another day of touring.

The Peak is located on Hong Kong island, which we’ve been to the day before. But instead of taking the ferry, we took the MTR. The train actually passed underwater and we didn’t even feel it. Once we were on Hong Kong island, we walked from Central Station to the Peak Tram. This time, we saw the buildings in daylight.

on our way to the peak tram signs leading to the peak tram on our way to the peak tram peak tram station

After some walking, we arrived at the Peak Tram station. We didn’t have to line up to buy tickets because we already got our tickets from Ate Yolly at the Taisan. It saved us a lot of time, as there were so many tourists waiting in line. We headed straight for the tram line.

aboard the tram

Riding the Peak Tram was not quite what I expected. Well, for most part, it was. I just didn’t expect the incline to be so steep. It was probably a 45 degree incline, going up.It’s like riding a roller coaster that just keeps going up. On the left side of the tram was the plain boring mountain. On the right side, we got a city view at a very tilted angle.

the peak tram
Finally, we got to The Peak Tower. It really holds up to it’s name and we really felt like we were on top of Hong Kong. Eliel took this really amazing panoramic photo from the Sky Terrace (the viewing deck on top of the building):

the view from the terrace

At the Sky Terrace 428 (it’s 428 meters above sea level), there was an observation deck, complete with telescopes where you get a 360 degree view of Hong Kong.

It's also a very romantic place (I could only imagine how the place would look like at night) and you can leave some love notes at a designated spot.

telescopes the peak, i love you

It was drizzling a bit when we were there and the air was really cold. My friends compared it to being in a refrigerator and having someone fan you at the same time. It was super chilly, but since we never get this kind of weather in the Philippines, we just savored the moment. Haha.

savoring the cold air savoring the cold air

They say things (or people) weigh less on top of mountains (yes, physics!haha) so we felt lighter -- and in the mood to do some jump shots. Most of them were failed attempts, but all the moving around helped in warming us up.

jump shots

Once we got enough of the view and the cold air, it was time to check out the famous Madame Tussads wax museum. But we grabbed some hot wanton soup and milk tea first.

wonton soup

Finally, Madame Tussauds.

madame tussauds

Here are some pictures of Pat and I carefully inspecting Nicole Kidman and smiling for the cam (look, we’re on TV!)

nicole kidmannicole kidman

Here’s E and I with Madame Tussaud herself. This was her last work, her self portrait. She’s the reason why we have all these amazing Madame Tussauds Museums around the world.

Y&E with madame Tussaud

It took us the whole afternoon to tour the whole place. So many famous celebrities, including some local ones we didn’t really recognize.

wax figures

And it’s not just a museum, you can actually participate in the scenes and interact with all the famous people. Here’s me, posing with some people I like:

yza and the stars

And here’s E, doing his thing:

eliel and the stars

And there’s more:

celebrity meet-and-greet

It’s a photo-op heaven. Too many people you’d want to take photos with, even if it’s just their wax figures.
Within the museum, there was a horror booth called Scream, wherein you’ll see wax figures and real actors trying to scare the sh*t out of you. I admit, I was closing my eyes most of the time and probably screamed the loudest, but I don’t care. It was too creepy for me (and Jessa.haha).

We had to cancel the open-top bus ride because it was raining. But we didn’t mind, as we didn’t have much time left anyway.

Had dinner at KFC (we were craving chicken wings and their yummy egg tarts) and sneaked in some last-minute shopping.

chicken in 3 flavors
egg tarts mushroom rice

Afterwards, we had to quickly pack up because we had to commute and check in for the night at the Disney Hollywood Hotel.

Read about our Disney experience here. :)

Photo Credits: Yza Urgel, Eliel Sarmiento, Ria Geromo


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