Countryside Brunch at Nuvali

We didn’t really plan anything for the long weekend because we wanted it to be very low cost, in preparation for next weekend’s trips. It just so happened that we saw the Nuvali ad right before the screening of Puss in Boots. Since we had 2 more days to waste away, we decided to go on a road trip to Laguna, have brunch and enjoy the fresh air for a change.

 Evozone Avenue a walk in the park

We left the city at around 10:30 in the morning, so brunch turned out to be just lunch. We ate at Kanin Get It! which is a new concept by popular resto (one of our favorites), Kanin Club. Kanin Get It! serves set meals, something that Kanin Club doesn’t offer. E and I thought the food was really good and the prices were very reasonable. He got the sizzling beef salpicao (Php 150) and I got the soy fish fillet (Php 130 + Php 5 for garlic rice). Yum.

E on his phone while I wait for my ordermy half-eaten meal

After lunch, we strolled around the park area, relishing carefree atmosphere and warm breeze. E wanted to take photos and new cinemagraphs, so I ended up being his PA and behind-the-scenes photographer. Haha. :)

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The place is filled with families and kids who look like they’re having loads of fun. Nuvali offer boat rides, bike rentals and fish feeding.

 P1090774 1320041350199

So obviously, I couldn’t get enough of the fish. They seemed really hungry, all swimming on top of each other every time someone tries to feed them. They’re real pretty too. More of the fish frenzy:

Check out E’s cool cinemagraphs below. He also recently put up a Tumblr account dedicated to his cinemagraph attempts. :)

Lovely way to spend a Monday, right?:)