Sandbox Adventure

I’m sure you’ve already experienced a rollercoaster. I’m sure you’ve also tried zipline. But a rollercoaster zipline? I don’t think so. :) Good thing, there’s one in Porac, Pampanga, just 1.5 hours away from Metro Manila.


Sandbox is an attraction within the Alviera compound in Pampanga which features different activities for adrenaline junkies. It houses the Avatar One, a rollercoaster zipline 180 meters long with the curves and dips of a regular rollercoaster but you go through it while strapped in a harness and your whole body dangling from the track -- zipline-style. Other activities include Wall Climbing, Free Fall, Rappelling, Aerial Walk and Giant Swing. They also have a mini golf course and an area for ATVs.

Sandbox - Aerial Walk
Aerial Walk

Sandbox - Adventure Tower
Adventure Tower
Below are the rates for the Sandbox activities, including their available packages.

Sandbox Rates
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The entrance to the compound is located right after Porac exit from SCTEX. You won’t miss it. Refer to the map below if you’re coming from somewhere else.

Sandbox Map
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We were only able to try the Avatar  One and the Free Fall. We badly wanted to do the Aerial Walk, too, but tickets for the day were already sold out when we arrived (i.e. the last person who bought a ticket was estimated to complete by closing time). Boo! If you’re planning to get one of their packages, you have to be there by opening time!

Avatar One
The starting point of Avatar One is a platform 12 meters off the ground, halfway through the Adventure Tower.

Sandbox - Avatar One Sandbox

I actually didn’t know what to expect from this crazy-looking ride! But as soon as I was pushed from the platform and started moving, I got the hang of it (pun intended). It’s not as scary as I expected though, chill lang, which I liked.

Sandbox Sandbox
Sandbox Sandbox
Sandbox Sandbox

Free Fall
After the Avatar One, we lined up again towards the Adventure Tower, but this time for the Free Fall. It was very intimidating to look at, just the sight of the platform where you’re supposed to step off will give you second thoughts. This time, you start from the highest point of the Adventure Tower! Yikes!

But everyone was brave enough to go through it (or at least pretended to be. haha!)


It was a fun experience but sobrang bitin. Looking forward to more attractions in the future (not even sure if they're planning for more. haha!)



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