Seventy-two Months. Hundred Islands.

We had so many activities lined up last September to celebrate 6 years of being together – too many, in this post alone, already a hundred! (hehe. sorry, corny).

(Check out “Six. Still a Perfect Mix. Nothing to Fix.” for a rundown of the month-long activities.)

One of them was visiting The Hundred Islands. We have been looking for the perfect time for this field trip and finally be able to cross this off our Magagandang Tanawin list of places. It was just in the most opportune time that Yza had to open a Payless Store in Robinsons Place Pangasinan around mid-September – the stars aligned nicely!


The plan was to stay in Alaminos (where the Hundred Islands are) for the weekend before going to Calasiao (where Robinsons Place Pangasinan is) for Yza’s real work.

September 14, Saturday

We left Manila mid-afternoon on our way to Alaminos. We checked-in at Islandia Hotel for P1,000/night. After a quick dinner, we slept early in preparation for the activities the day after.

 P1170486 P1170487

September 15, Sunday

Yza pre-booked a Hundred Islands package tour for P2,500 (good for 2). Call time was 8AM at the port so we had to wake up very early! Before boarding the boat, the mandatory Hundred Islands photo first. :)


GOVERNOR’S ISLAND. Mostly known for 2 things: (1) the view deck for the Hundred Islands, and (2) where the 2006 Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Guest House is located.

P1170506 P1170510
  P1170523 P1170525

MARCOS ISLAND. We didn’t step off the boat anymore for this island. We weren’t that interested in going down the Imelda Cave anyway. It looked interesting in the internet photos, though.


QUEZON ISLAND. This is where we stayed for the majority of the tour. People usually drop by this island to eat lunch, go swimming, go snorkeling or just stroll around.


We went around the island for a while before we munched on our packed lunch.

P1170560  P1170562

LOPEZ ISLAND. This is a small island just a stone’s throw away from Quezon Island. It has a nice shore to just lay around and think about life if the Quezon Island shore is too crowded for you.


BAT ISLAND. Where the bat cave is located (Batman is actually half-Pinoy, in case you didn’t know).

P1170582 P1170583

We also passed by a lot of other islands whose names are based from which animals they resemble.

P1170607 P1170601
 P1170603 P1170606

Okay, the photos above are just totally random island photos. I can only remember Turtle Island and I don’t even have a photo of it! Haha!

Moving on…

CHILDREN’S ISLAND. Perfect for children to swim and play around since the water is more shallow compared to other islands.

P1170609 P1170608

CUENCO ISLAND. Where the Cuenco Tunnel is located.

P1170619  P1170622

We stayed a few more minutes in this island to relax and hold weird creatures like it’s no big deal.

P1170611 P1170630
P1170631 P1170637

Around 3PM, we were back at the port, exhausted but happy. This experience gave a whole new perspective into what was once just a place we read about from Araling Panlipunan books.

At this point, the day was still far from over – we still had to drive all the way to Calasiao, I think roughly a 2-hour drive. :(

Night was already approaching when we arrived. We checked-in at a very creepy hotel (I can’t remember the name anymore) where Yza had to stay for the next 3 days for work.

We had buffet dinner, rested for a while, then I snuck out around 3AM of Monday to drive back to Manila for a whole-day training which started at 9AM! Yes, I slept during that training.