Pearl Farm Love

When you get a free roundtrip ticket to anywhere in the Philippines, you book a flight that would take you the farthest, right? Well maybe not, but that's what E and I did. =p On our anniversary month (September 2013 -- 6 yearssssss), off to Davao we flew. :) All because a few months ago, we volunteered to be bumped off to the next flight in exchange for free roundtrip tickets. We've already done this a couple of times before. (We've learned that it's the easiest way to score free flights. Haha)

We scheduled this vacation early on, but we never really planned anything. What we knew for sure was that we wanted to: 1.)spend our first two days at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, 2.) visit the Momfort bat sanctuary and 3.) eat a lot of durian and durian-flavored anything. The rest of our 4-day vacation was up for negotiation. So we made a reservation at the Pearl Farm via Agoda, showed up, and left everything to fate. It turned out to be the best decision we've made. It was all very stress-free and spontaneous.

Sharing with you the pretty photos that Eliel took :)


As soon as we landed, we took the resort shuttle to the exclusive Pearl Farm Wharf. From there, we took a 45-minute boat ride to the Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

We stayed in one of these. They're called Samal houses, which are patterned after the stilt houses of the Samal tribe. I loved that we were staying right above the water. The view was AMAZING (the sea, the sunset, Mt. Apo), there's that constant sound of waves which I love, and the fish! I spent hours (not literally) staring at them right from the balcony.

Eliel and I spent our first few hours exploring the island.
Where to go?
One of my favorite things in any resort.. the water jar for cleaning sand off your feet. 

Then we came across the basketball court and E decided that we should be playing basketball instead of wasting time. So we rented a ball and played 21 for an hour. I'm still bad at it, but he made me win a few times, so my day wasn't completely ruined. :)) 

After basketball, we went back to our Samal house to read and enjoy the sunset. <3
Wish I could live here.

That night, we took a romantic walk and had dinner by the beach.
We spotted an empty pool, perfect for a night swim. We took a dip, but not for very long because we started freezing. Haha

In the morning, we had breakfast by the beach. I could get used to having meals by the beach...

And then the grand plan of the day was to spend it on Malipano island, which is a quick boat ride across the resort.

Malipano has a very exclusive vibe and it felt like we were on a secluded island. We had the beach all to ourselves!
The place is BEAUTIFUL.

This is the life. *happy sigh* 

It was one of the most relaxed/relaxing vacations we've had.

To Eliel: When are we going back? :)



  1. Hi! Just got caught on the Skyway southbound tollgate for overspeeding. Read through this article and just realised how much work one has to go through in order to get the license back.

    The officer told me that I could send a proxy to retrieve my license. All i needed to give was my TOP, a letter stating that he/she is my proxy, and a copy of any of my valid IDs.

    Is this true? Based on your article and a lot of other articles, it seems that I have to attend the seminar.
    Problem is that I'm leaving for the United states tomorrow and I won't be back for a month. Wouldn't want to violate the 2 week policy of claiming the license....

    Any advise?

  2. may penalty po ba or interest kapag d na claim ulit

  3. They recently increased the fines. I was caught speeding the SCTEX on a Saturday sometime September 2014 and went to East Ave to claim my license on Wednesday (4 days after). I was done after an hour. Submit your ticket at the LETAS Building and they give you a number. After 15mins, I was called and signed a document agreeing to pay the fine which was P2000 for speeding plus P10 legal research fee. Paid the fine at window 9 and proceeded to photocopy the documents they gave me with the receipt. After that, I went to the second floor of the LETAS building to submit the documents along with the photocopies and after a few mins i got my license back. No more seminars. I was done in an hour.

  4. Sir is this true?got ur licensed back in an hour?

  5. HI. I just want to know something. What if I lost my TOP? What should I do?

  6. Ask lng po kc ng renew po ako ng license ko knina tpos sbi sken ng window 2 nka alarma dw po ung license ko kc dw po nahuli dw po ako ng police traffic at ang dala ko dw pong sasakyan ay UV express eh Kht kelan po nd ako ng drive ng uv express ska nsa aken po ung plastic card license ko ngaun kelangan ko pa punta ng letas pra mgbyad ng violetion ko