Foodie Dates: Bamm and Manila Maki

Cleaned up my phone and found some photos I haven't posted. A lot of them were from the random dinners and lunches E and I had. Sharing a couple of places we liked. :)

This little restaurant at The Collective serves German sausages and is a good place to chill on a Friday night. It's right beside the more famous Wingman. We've already eaten dinner (we went to The Collective to get mochi ice cream!) but I was craving for something salty, so we popped in and ordered one of their best sellers, the Currywurst. It would probably have been great with beer, but we don't really drink much, so we had Mountain Dew instead. :P

Manila Maki
I'm not much of a sushi person. Every time we go to a Japanese restaurant, I'd order either the fried stuff like tempura and tonkatsu, or some rice bowl like gyudon. I'm picky when it comes to maki because I'm not into the raw fish taste (well, except for spicy tuna).

Eliel knows this so he took me to lunch at Manila Maki. They serve a variety of maki with a Pinoy twist. There's one with adobo inside, another one that's topped with aligue, and yeah, a Spam-filled maki. Of course, this made me happy.haha

Until the next meal!