Nothing Short of Majestic

After our Caramoan weekend, the girls and Mar flew to Cebu straight from Legaspi. E and I didn't book bus tickets to Manila yet, so we figured we could make a quick visit to the famous Cagsawa Ruins and experience the Mayon volcano as seen in postcards.

Prior to this trip, I never had any strong desire to see Mt. Mayon in person. I figured that seeing it in postcards was enough. I never realized how strong its presence is, especially when you're standing right in front of it. Actually, everywhere you go in Legaspi, you see and feel the Mayon lurking, watching you. It's so beautiful.

Cagsawa Ruins used to be the site of a Franciscan church. In 1814, Mayon erupted and caused massive destruction, leaving behind these ruins. When we were there, the atmosphere at the Cagsawa ruins was quiet, and even pious. Mesmerized tourists just stood and stared at the Mayon's perfectly shaped cone.

It is hard to believe that the peaceful-looking Mayon is an active volcano. A week after our visit, Mayon killed 5 tourists after an ash eruption.

Here's what the Cagasawa church looked before it got destroyed:

photo grabbed from Wikipedia
Now, all that's left is the belfry.

Majestic Mayon is not an exaggeration.

Because I'm bad at climbing rocks.
Beside all our stuff. 
Shops and small restaurants around the ruins.
Another view of the Mayon from the bus station.
Back home in Cebu, I live on Mt. Mayon Street. I'm extra happy to have finally seen the Mt. Mayon that our street was named after. Cool. :)