For the past few years, there's always a sure-win solution for boring weekends - a jamming session with Chino, or "Rakenrol" / "Rock en roll" as we often call it.

It always starts with a :

"May lakad ba kayo?"
"Wala naman."

...or something to that effect.

Most of the time, it doesn't always turn out to be a jamming session - just purely catching up on things about life, law school and whatnot. But during those few times when a jamming session actually happens, we are just Intro-boys (a word play with reference to the '90s Pinoy pop rock band Introvoys) - we seldom finish a song, just until the intro / first parts, then move on to another song. We get bored quickly like that! Haha!

This is one of those very, very, very few moments that we actually finish a song, and what better way to immortalize it than to capture it on video!

The red theme was purely coincidental. The nerdy glasses, though, were last-minute additions to the overall theme.

Here's our take on Karmin's Brokenhearted featuring one of our No. 1 fans (yes, we have more than one. haha.. just kidding).

P.S. This is also the debut video of my new glow-in-the-dark egg shaker. Yey! Maybe next time, we'll shoot a video in a dark room to showcase its glow-in-the-dark features. Hmm, okay, I'll look into that.

Come on, that's right, cheerio! =)