Bowling For Fun

The group usually goes out twice or thrice a month to either watch movies or just gather and eat out (to celebrate something or if we're bored at home). Last May 26, Billy decided for the group to try bowling again and gear away from the usual Saturday night-outs we have. It's been a while (6 months ago) when the group last played bowling so Yza and I joined.

We reserved a lane in E-Lanes Bowling Center ( along Ortigas Ave., near Greenhills for 9PM. Billy specifically picked this place because of the sulit packages they offer.

We availed of the following package:

P1,800 ALL-IN / good for 6 people
Play-all-you-can for 2 hours
Package includes shoe rental and a free iced tea per person.

Compared to their normal rates (Php100/game/head and additional Php25/pair for shoe rental) this is a sulit package by itself. They have other packages as well that fits your group size and need but I forgot to take home a flyer so I don't have the details.

All-in-all, we were able to play 4 full games and a couple of frames in the 5th game before our 2 hours expired.

Before anything else, I want to emphasize that we, as a group, are not professional bowlers nor aspiring to be one. We play bowling just for fun and are okay with scores below 100. We don't mind as long as we have fun as a group. (haha. I sound defensive but just had to set that expectation at the start).

Everyone "forgot" already how to play this game (some more than others) so Game 1 was used to warm-up and "rediscover" the skill, like as if we even had one in the first place. (this might be an excuse, but I think it's a logical one, haha).

It was a low-scoring game but Dan "rediscovered" his skills faster than anyone else and took this round, helping Team A get a 1-0 lead.

After the warm-up game, everyone seemed to have the right energy coming into Game 2. Everyone improved their scores vs. Game 1.

This was the highest scoring game of the night overall and I took this round with what will be the highest score of the night for us. Yahoo! Chamba! This helped Team A pull away for a 2-0 lead.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from here. Haha!

GAME 3 and GAME 4
As I said, we only play bowling for fun. Obviously, we were not in the right condition to play 3 or more straight games. At the start of Game 3, everyone was feeling the fatigue already. Zeroes were hitting the board here and there. Good thing there was free iced tea to ease the pain. :)

Billy, apparently, didn't feel the fatigue as much as everyone else did and won both Games 3 and 4. Unfortunately, this was not enough to lift his team which suffered a 0-4 deficit at the end of the night.

We actually had 10 minutes left after 4 games so we took advantage and started Game 5 with whatever's left. We were able to finish around 3-4 frames before our package expired.

Team A swept this series of bowling games but Billy was the overall top scorer with 449 points. However, regardless of the scores and technicalities, everyone was still a winner by having fun, being a good sport and drinking free iced tea, even with hurt fingers and arms. Haha!

Looking forward to the next bowling game.