Singapore-fect Weekend

Last February, an international seat sale was announced by Cebu Pacific. We wanted to book a flight to Singapore because of 3 things: (1) Yza is excited to have her new passport stamped for the first time, (2) I haven’t been to Singapore yet, and (3) I wanted to buy a zoom lens for my camera. So we booked our flights for June and paid around ~Php2.9k each for a round trip ticket. Not bad.

Four and a half months later, we were on a plane bound for Singapore.


We arrived at the Singapore Budget Terminal around 11AM Saturday morning, an hour later than expected because of the typhoon and heavy rains in Manila when we left.

After securing my checked-in bag (by the way, Yza just had 2 small hand-carry bags for the whole trip)…

…we walked to the exit and were greeted by Uncle Jonjon. After a little catching up, we were on our way to Uncle Jojee’s apartment at Guillemard Crescent where we will be staying for the weekend.

We quickly settled down at the apartment and with no time wasted, we were out the door ready to officially start Day 1.


It was around 1:30 PM already so we had to eat lunch first.

Tour Guide #1: Walter Osorio (a.k.a. Uncle Jonjon)

Uncle Jonjon brought us to a hawker center near the apartment to grab a quick lunch. After scanning the place, we decided to have Chicken Rice.


And we loved it. =D

After lunch, next destination was Sim Lim Square where I’ll buy my zoom lens. So we walked to the nearest train station, Mountbatten.

At the station, Yza bought an EZLink card worth S$12 which already had S$7 free credits. Uncle Jojee lent me his EZLink card which still had around S$35 in it so my train rides and bus rides were technically free the whole weekend. :)

We hopped on the train to Paya Lebar, transferred to the East West Line and got off at Bugis station where we’ll meet up with our next tour guide before going to Sim Lim. While waiting, Uncle Jonjon led us around the surrounding places such as Bugis Street and Bugis Junction. We completed our pasalubong shopping already while going around and waiting.


Tour Guide #2: Christianne Patricia Larisma Damole (a.k.a. Patpat) – friend from high school, Yza’s kabarkada

Patpat arrived at Bugis Junction around 2:30PM. Uncle Jonjon had to go home already so we bid goodbye. We, then, headed to Sim Lim Square. We passed by Bugis Street again, stopped at some stalls (again) and bought some more small stuff (again) before reaching Sim Lim Square.


At Sim Lim, we went around to look for the cheapest price I can get for the zoom lens I was looking for. After probably an hour of canvassing, and a bit of window shopping for other stuff like an underwater case, flash, netbooks for mom, etc., I decided to buy my zoom lens already. Although I know it was a huge purchase, I didn’t mind because I saved for it anyway. Plus, I bought it for Php5k less compared to the Manila price. So I felt good.

At around 4PM, we were done with Sim Lim and ready for our next destination: Clarke Quay. But before that, we had 2 things we wanted to do first, (1) eat the square ice cream with rainbow-colored sliced bread, and (2) visit Patpat’s new office.

First up was the square ice cream. For S$1, you get a square-shaped ice cream with a flavor of your choice wrapped with a slice of loaf bread or wafer. Yza bought the blueberry one while Patpat bought the mocha one. I didn’t get anything because of the heavy lunch but just grabbed a bite from Yza’s ice cream.


Everyone was happy to start walking again after the ice cream treat. We even had free refreshments when we bumped into a couple of guys giving out free cups full of 100PLUS on the streets. I had 3 cups, free drinks!


Patpat led us around the area, crossing streets, passing by buildings and finally, we arrived at Patpat’s new office. I wasn’t really sure how we got there but we passed by Rochor road, that’s for sure. :)

We just had a few pictures taken outside the building, then, we hailed a bus at the bus stop a couple of steps away.


It’s amazing how you can also use the EZLink credits for bus fares and never have to worry about bringing enough cash/coins. No more guys with fingers wrapped with bills and clunking coins with their hands while asking for your fare (a.k.a. Manong Konductors).


We got off somewhere near the Clarke Quay area. We walked along the riverside, got some flyers for the River Cruise and headed to Central Mall to meet up with our 3rd tour guide.


While waiting, we went around the Central Mall, went window shopping, took pictures, and then settled down at Ya Kun Kaya Toast to have some refreshments.


Tour Guide #3: Jennelyn Nucum (a.k.a. Jen) – Yza’s ex-dormmate from U.P.

Jen arrived at around 6PM. The plan was to have dinner and then go on the River Cruise after. So we strolled again around the area looking for somewhere to eat. On our way, we stopped by the G-MAX Reverse Bungee and the GX-5 Extreme Swing to check what the fuss was all about.


After witnessing a couple of rounds for each “ride”, no one really wanted to try it. I would have tried it if only 3 out of the 4 of us wanted to do it but Yza and Jen chickened out while Patpat just didn’t care. Haha.

So we continued our dinner-place searching.

We stumbled upon a couple of restaurants but wasn’t sold into the idea of spending more than S$20 for dinner. So we settled with Verve Pizzeria which had a Combo Meal worth S$15. Although still not the normal meal price, it already included one whole personal pizza, a drink and gelato, so we were sort of okay with it (and the waiters are all Filipinos, plus, Patpat was able to charge her phone. hehe).


Everyone ordered the same Combo Meal but with different pizza and gelato flavors. To our surprise, their so-called “personal pizza” was the size of a regular pizza at Pizza Hut. It was definitely not for one person, unless you are really hungry. Now we know why it was worth S$15!


We munched our way through four pizzas and, as expected, had leftovers which everyone took home. We had servings of gelato as well but after the pizza, they were just too much to gulp down. The Chocolate Bailey’s gelato is something worth trying though.


Dinner, done. River Cruise, next.

We bought tickets to the Hippo River Cruise at S$15 for adults. This 30-minute cruise starts at Clarke Quay, makes a loop near the Esplanade at Marina Bay, and goes back to Clarke Quay.

On the way, it passes under a couple of bridges whose names I can’t really remember and there was a commentary throughout the duration of the trip. There is also the Singapore River Cruise with minor differences from the Hippo version but we opted for the Hippo just because it was the first ticket booth we saw after dinner.


The river cruise was really relaxing, we were really sad when it was over. We didn’t want to get off the boat yet. Bitin!


It was already 10PM and everyone was tired so we decided it was time to go home. We started to walk to the nearest MRT station but we mistakenly turned to the opposite direction. It made us circle our way around the Singapore river to the other side and back to Central Mall which took an additional 30 minutes. Tsktsk.

When we arrived back at Central Mall, Patpat bid her goodbye already as she was taking the bus. The three of us rode the same train going home.

Clarke Quay (NE). Dhoby Ghaut (NE to CC). Mountbatten (CC).

We arrived home around 11PM, quickly freshened up, surfed the internet for a while and then decided to rest for a busy Day 2.


It was a beautiful Sunday morning. We woke up at 7:30AM, looking to catch the 9AM English mass. We left the apartment around 8:45AM and walked to Mountbatten station.


We got off at Paya Lebar station. After a 10-minute walk, we arrived at the Church of our Lady Queen of Peace.

queen of peace

After the mass, we went back to the apartment to quickly grab some stuff…


…and headed to Vivo City where we’ll meet our next tour guide.

Mountbatten (CC). Dhoby Ghaut (CC to NE). HarbourFront (NE).

Tour Guide #4: Catherine Co (a.k.a. Cat) – Yza’s ex-roommate in Makati

When we arrived at HarbourFront station at around 11:30AM, Cat was already waiting in front of the Panadol ad near the tap out machines as planned (yes, we had a very detailed plan including which ad to look out for since roaming rates are ridiculous. hehe). We made our way through the station, entered Vivo City and went up to the Food Republic.


We looked around the food court for something to eat. Cat suggested the Laksa so we ordered it. We had a couple of dimsum dishes as well as rice toppings among other dishes. We also ordered canned iced tea just to try it out. I had the Lemon Iced Tea, Yza had the Winter Melon Iced Tea which tasted like sago’t gulaman without the sago and gulaman. Haha.


It was a good lunch and the fact that it was Cat’s treat made it even better. Thanks again, Cat! :)

We took a few pictures outside Sentosa station and bought Songs of the Sea tickets for the night. Then, it was time to say goodbye to Cat.

After deducting S$3 from our EZLink card to pay for the Sentosa Express, we were on our way to happiness. Next stop: Universal Studios!

It was already 1PM when we arrived. We immediately had our pictures taken with the famous globe structure and paid S$72 each for the tickets.


We mapped out a plan to maximize the time inside. Stage shows first every 30 minutes, then rides after.

First show was in Pantages Hollywood Theater in the Hollywood area. We watched Monster Rock, a live musical show featuring Henry Preston Jekyll III transform the famous Universal Monsters (The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, Frankenstein and his Bride, The Mummy, Wolfman and She-Wolf) into rock and roll superstars. It was a feel-good show, Yza was giggling and smiling the whole time while I got a high-five from Frankenstein!

Next, we went to the Lost World area to watch Waterworld, a show based on the blockbuster film. It was a show complete with death-defying stunts and real explosions involving fire and water. The stadium was divided into 3 color-coded areas: blue seats known as Soaking Wet Zone, green seats known as Splash Zone, and red seats known as Safe Zone. The zone names speak for themselves.


There’s really just a minor difference between the Soaking Wet Zone and the Splash Zone because before the show even starts, while waiting to fill up the stadium, some of the cast members interact with the audience. They have buckets, pumps, hoses, and everything you can think of that can contain water and just, plain and simple, wet and soak those who are seated in the blue and green area.


The show was amazing. It’s like watching a movie in real life. Explosions, gunshots and special effects everywhere. The stunts were cool, too. I can’t believe they do this multiple times per day but I think they’re having lots of fun anyway.


Next on the list was Donkey Live at the Far Far Away area. We were excited to find out how Donkey would look like live but when we were there, we got a little disappointed at first. The setting was a typical stand-up comedy environment with a big screen onstage and the host/doorman named Raoul leading the audience interaction. On the big screen was Donkey singing and performing. So we were bummed out and thought that this was just going to be a kiddie show where we’re just like watching Donkey on TV.


Until Donkey started his spiels and interacted with the audience. It was amazing how he was able to interview a couple of people from the audience, respond to what their saying and even make witty jokes about their answers, all these with matching gestures and movements!  I don’t know if we’re just stupid but we can’t figure out how they did that, which makes it amazing for us. I’m just not sure if the people in the room enjoyed it though. They didn’t sound enthusiastic about it when it was over.


As soon as we exited the theater, we saw a line of people wanting to have a picture with Puss in Boots! So we lined up as well. When it was our turn, I was tricked by Puss to do a pose with my back against him and then he suddenly grabbed Yza away from me! Stupid Puss! Haha. But I must admit, he’s one smooth operator. :)

A block away was the Shrek 4D theater so we lined up inside since we’re in the area already. It was your normal 4D theater with the moving/vibrating seats, thingies at your feet and spraying water, but the show was definitely fun. One tip though, put your cameras inside your bag during the show. You don’t want to be holding your cameras or placing them on your lap when Donkey sneezes and you (and your cameras) get sprayed with water! Haha. That happened to me and I was bothered the whole time anticipating the next splash. You’re not allowed to take pictures/videos anyway so might as well keep them safe. :)


Outside the theater was Shrek and Fiona having a photo op so we lined up again. When it was our turn, we did the karate chop pose!

We were able to watch all the stage shows already except for one: Steven Spielberg’s Lights! Camera! Action! So we went to the New York area. But before that, Yza had to pose on top of the smoky manhole ala-Marilyn Monroe. Hehe.

The show simulated a Category 5 hurricane at the heart of New York City. You will be inside a shed almost about to be torn down by the hurricane, things falling from the ceiling, fire starting, windows flying, the place being wrecked slowly. And then someone will yell “Cut!” Awesome stuff! :)

As we were walking around, thinking what else we can do before we start with the rides, we saw Frankenstein in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. using brute force to grab kids and choke them or something. So Yza had herself grabbed by Frankenstein as well.

We were able to watch all stage shows already so it was time to experience the rides. First up, Revenge of the Mummy in Egypt.


Bags were not allowed to be brought inside so we were advised to deposit them in the lockers nearby. What I like about Universal Studios is that they have electronic lockers near the different rides, thus, no keys to worry about. And it’s for free (at least for the first 20 minutes or so). It was really convenient.

Revenge of the Mummy is a roller coaster ride along a dark tunnel with mummies and the likes on both sides. It wasn’t that scary since you can’t really see where you’re going but Yza was screaming and closing her eyes almost the whole time, as usual. It was a nice warm-up for the next ride.

Next, we tried the Battlestar Galactica. There are two tracks for this ride – Human and Cylon. The Human ride (red track) is your normal roller coaster with the seats placed above the track. The route consists of purely twists and turns without upside-down moments. On the other hand, the Cylon ride (blue track) has the seats hanging from the track. The route is more vicious with twists, turns and upside-down moments aiming to make you puke right after!


Due to Yza’s persistence, we just went for the Human version since the Cylon version looks very “un-human” from the view below. The ride was high-speed as expected. There were moments when you’ll feel like you’re going to fall out of your seats! It was fun but I got dizzy after. I never felt this dizzy from a roller coaster ride before but Yza seems to be just fine. Or so I think.

So we looked for a less intense ride to rest. We saw Accelerator nearby so we queued up. It was only then that I realized that this ride has only one type of motion: spinning! Good luck to me being dizzy. Hahaha. But we had no choice since we were up next already so we just had to power through the spinning and dizziness. I was glad it was over but Yza seemed to want some more.

It was already 6PM and the Songs of the Sea tickets we had are for the 7:40PM show. So we had to go out of Universal Studios already to still have time to go around the rest of Sentosa. On our way out, we saw Po of Kung Fu Panda but we didn’t have time to have our pictures taken with him anymore. Boo!

We went back to the Sentosa Express for the next station, Imbiah Station. We got off to have our pictures taken with the Merlion and see what else is interesting around that area.


By this time, Yza was really really tired already from walking so she rested near the Merlion while I roamed around the area taking pictures.

As soon as Yza recovered, we went up the Imbiah Lookout but there was really nothing to see up there except the other shows which we didn’t sign up for. So we just decided to sit on one of the benches there and rest some more.

When the clock struck 7, we started walking back to the train station going to Beach Station for the Songs of the Sea. But before we reached the station, we passed by KFC and saw the egg tarts I liked so much when I went to China. So I had to buy some for Yza and share the love. We bought a box of 6 plus one order of Chicken Popcorn for “take away” (Singapore’s version of “to go” or “take out”).

We reached Beach Station just a few minutes before the show began so the only seats available are those at the far end. Boo!

The Songs of the Sea is a mixture of singing/dancing teenagers, talking holograms (sort of), water works and pyrotechnics. The crowd is seated by the shore facing the set situated in water.


I was a bit disappointed with the show though. I felt like it was more for kids rather than mature individuals like us. Ehem. Yza thought the effects were amazing though, but agreed with me that the story was very “kiddie”. She was sad that it ended too soon. :(

It was 8PM already and we were dead tired. We were so tired we just squatted at the grass area outside the iFLY building, eating KFC egg tarts and buttered corn. After a 30-minute rest, we were energized again to do something one last time before heading home. We didn’t want the Songs of the Sea to be our Sentosa finale. Hehe.

We went to the ticket booth and looked at possible attractions we can still avail of. In one of the posters, there was this promo that slashes S$3 off the normal fee for a couple of attractions if you have Songs of the Sea tickets! I guess there was a reason why we had to buy the Songs of the Sea tickets then. Haha!

We decided to try the Luge, as highly recommended by Cat. The ride is composed of two parts. The first leg involves sitting on an open bench while hanging from a cable wire, moving from one place to another. You get a view of the city from afar and the jungle below! After around 2-3 minutes of the “cable bench” ride, you get to drive back to where you came from via a luge.


It was S$12 for one round but because of our Songs of the Sea tickets, we just had to pay S$9! Yehey! It was fun while it lasted.

So that ends our very tiring but awesome second day. We arrived at the apartment around 10:30PM. After the same routines as the night before, it was resting time for us (and our feet).


We got up early again for our last day. We had a quick Pork Pao breakfast with matching canned drinks again. Yza was very happy with the cute designs. We got back at the apartment at 8AM and got ready for our last half-day in Singapore.

Tour Guide #5: Loreto Osorio, Jr. (a.k.a. Uncle Jojee)


Uncle Jojee mentioned the night before that his good friend, Courtney, was booked at Marina Bay Sands so if we wanted to, we can drop by and visit the infinity pool at the rooftop of the 3-tower hotel as his guests.

Without any hesitation, we gladly agreed and trashed our initial plans for the day (which was basically, doing nothing). Uncle Jojee arrived at around 9:30AM to send us off to Marina Bay Sands as he needed to go to work already. The taxi wait was really long so we had a chance to talk more and catch up on what’s happening.

Finally, an empty taxi passed by. So we thanked Uncle for the weekend and said our goodbyes. Uncle, see you on July 4th if you decide to take the Manila assignment! :)

We arrived at Marina Bay Sands with a key card on my hand. I must say, very social! Hehe.

Tour Guide #6: Courtney Rodriguez (a.k.a. Courtney) – Uncle Jojee’s friend


We entered the room while Courtney was preparing. We took pictures of the awesome view while waiting. We even had the chance to look at pictures of baby Courtney, accident-prone Courtney, his Cebu visits among others.


Around 10:30AM, we went up to the infinity pool.

The view was amazing! People were just leaning over the ledge of doom while enjoying the waters. It was a very relaxing environment despite knowing the whole thing is suspended in the air with just 3 huge pillars supporting it. Too bad we didn’t have the time to swim anymore because we had to be at the airport at around 12PM.


We had a quick lunch at the mall building of the Marina Bay Sands. The theme for lunch was dimsum (except Yza who had Chicken Rice one last time. Haha.) It was a very heavy lunch for me which was enough to prepare me for the 3-hour flight ahead.


At 12PM, it was time to go. Courtney accompanied us until the taxi bay to send us on our way to the airport.

Arrived at the airport around 12:15PM, checked in, got my GST refund and strolled around the shops while waiting for boarding time.


Yza bought cheap make-up girly stuff (whatever!) and created her coloring masterpiece.


And then it was time to board.

Three hours after, we were back in Manila but still hung over the awesome weekend. Looking forward to going back to Singapore to try the rest of the activities/places we failed to experience during our very short trip.

Oh, by the way, we still have extra SGD, any buyers? :)



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  2. your trip looked really fun! you shouldve gone on the reverse bungee though n_n

  3. @adellagi. sayang. well, there's always a next time. hopefully by that time, yza will be brave enough to try it. hehe.