Someone left a drink for U.S.

A week ago, Yza and I both received emails from an anonymous friend inviting us to claim a free drink from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.


espresso_continentalLast weekend, we decided to claim 1 of our 2 free drinks at CBTL-Greenbelt 3 (just one, I’m not really a coffee fan). More than anything, we were curious about why Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is having this promo. When we lined up to order our free drink (Mocha Latte), we were asked which type of espresso we wanted with it. We asked the barista for his recommendation and were advised to try the Continental espresso. A beverage capsule was handed to us (we didn’t know what it was and what we were supposed to do with it). One of the baristas then led us to this corner where they taught us how to use their new one-touch machines.

After inserting the beverage capsule into a slot on top of the machine and pressing a button, machineHerokaldiwhiteespresso automatically poured out, straight to the cup. Yza said, “But I ordered a Mocha Latte!” The barista just smiled and said that the beverage wasn’t done yet. She took the cup of hot espresso to the counter and worked her magic. After a few seconds, voila, we got our Mocha Latte, as ordered.

I think that the most logical reason why they’re doing this free coffee promo is to promote their new machines and beverage capsules for coffee lovers out there. Check out CBTL’s website here to see more varieties of the one-touch machines and beverage capsules available including description, comparison and prices.

You can also get your free drink by going to their Spread The Froth campaign website here. However, upon checking a few minutes ago, it is currently not accepting additional registrations due to the “overwhelming support”. Just check it out from time to time. Based from the message, it seems like they are looking at opening the registration again soon.

P.D. We are not, in any way, affiliated with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – just 2 happy customers who wanted to share the experience. Smile



  1. I received that mail too but was afraid it was a scam or something. Haha Talk about being paranoid. I might as well try that one too. ;)

    Nice post!

  2. @Cathy Canaceli we have always been receiving promos from CBTL before and it was always been a good experience so this was a no-brainer. But agree, it looks like a scam at first glance! :)

    Get yours!

  3. @ken yes, it is. It's more for coffee lovers to be able to make their own coffee at home with just one touch.

    Try visiting their website if you are interested. You'll get more information there. :)