Isdaan Floating Restaurant and the Tacsiyapo Wall

While everyone else was in Boracay for Labor Day 2014, Yza and I spent the day in Calauan, Laguna to experience the Isdaan Floating Restaurant and the famous Tacsiyapo wall. #MayOneSaIsdaan


The place was around 2 hours away from Manila. You won’t miss the place with all the gigantic stone structures everywhere.

2014-05-01 15.18.05
 P1190401 P1190403

As soon as we arrived, we went straight to get a table and started to order since it was almost 3PM and we didn’t have lunch yet!

P1190391 P1190392
P1190395 P1190398

Our table was situated on the 2nd floor overlooking the place so it kept us busy taking photos while waiting for the food.

2014-05-01 15.39.49

P1190393 P1190397
P1190412 2014-05-01 15.37.18

As soon as the food arrived, a quick round of food photos then hunger took over. Nom nom nom!!
We ordered Pinukpok na Hipon (Php498), Spareribs (Php347), Royal (Php59), Orange Shake (Php175) and isang kalderong Bagong Saing na kanin (Php116). Yes, that’s a lot of extra rice! The food is a bit pricey though but we thought it might be a way for them to maintain the place since there were no entrance fees.


2014-05-01 16.08.51 2014-05-01 15.34.20

After satisfying our hunger, we went around to see what else is out there. The place is huge! The children were running around and having fun while the rest were taking #selfies here and there. Of course, we just had to take a #selfie so we blend in.


P1190438 P1190454
P1190442 P1190443
P1190447 P1190449
P1190451 P1190452
P1190457 P1190464 P1190465
2014-05-01 17.33.31

Our last stop before going home was the Tacsiyapo wall. It is simply a wall with targets marked all over it, whether “Magnanakaw!”, “Boss/Managers/Supervisors”, “Ex-Wife”, “Professors” and all other possible causes of one’s anger. You then buy mugs, plates or even TV sets to throw against the wall, releasing your anger. Take note that it is advisable to shout “Tacsiyapo!” before throwing things to the wall for added drama. I bought 2 small plates (Php20 each) but I’m not telling which targets these plates were aimed at! :)

2014-05-01 16.49.56

2014-05-01 16.53.04 2014-05-01 17.02.18



That pretty much summed up our Labor Day. Satisfied our hunger. Released our anger. :)