Our Bacolod Food Trip :)

Last February, on Valentine's Day (also Eliel's birthday weekend!) Y&E flew to Bacolod to eat. Because what else do you do in Bacolod?


When people found out where we were off to, they all sent in their list of recommendations. Seriously, our biggest problem was figuring out how to schedule our meals between the 3 days we were there.haha So here's a little photo diary of where we ate in Bacolod, in no particular order.

Now I know why they call it the City of Smiles. It must be the food. Good food makes everybody happy.

(Forgive my inability to describe food well. I'm not a foodie. I just eat a lot.lol Food is either "yummy" or not. This is my weak attempt at describing the experience. If all else fails, I hope the photos  do the job of convincing you to go on a Bacolod food trip.haha)

This wasn't really part of the plan. But when we arrived on our first night, most establishments were already closed. We opted for the first open restaurant we saw. :)) The scallops were good.  

Manokan Country
A must-visit when in Bacolod, Manokan country is a strip of restaurants where you can eat the famous chicken inasal. I went to Bacolod with some officemates last year and they ate practically every meal here. 

E and I ate at the famous Aida's. The chicken is very tender and fresh. Unlike the chicken inasal sold in some fast food restaurants in Manila, it's soft and juicy and really, really good.

I had to sneak in an order of chorizo (my personal weakness - ask my parents. haha)

Aboy's Restaurant
The famous Aboy's! An institution in Bacolod that we just had to go and visit. Aboy's is an upscale turo-turo. You go to the food area and make turo-turo (point) at the food that you like and the waiters serve it to your table. 

Aboy's serves Filipino cuisine. I wanted to order their squid fat dish (which I really liked the last time I was there) but Eliel didn't want anything to do with it.huhu We finally settled for grilled liempo (such a classic), grilled squid and Bicol express. Yum :)

A lot of people recommended that we visit Bob's for their satays. So that's were we headed to after attending Sunday morning mass.

Their food reminds me of Reyes Barbecue. We had grilled satay in peanut sauce - chicken for E and pork for me. The sauce is sweet-ish, thick and delicious. I can easily understand why it's a favorite of locals. If I lived in Bacolod, would probably frequent this restaurant, too.

21 Restaurant
Personally, I would consider 21 my favorite out of all the restaurants we've tried. We were initially hesitant to enter because it looked so fancy and the people inside looked just as fancy. We didn't know if it was appropriate to enter wearing shorts and slippers, looking full-on yagit. 

Fancy, right?
Looking through their menu was the most difficult thing because it posed a huge dilemma regarding what we were going to order. We wanted to try everything because the food was wonderfully described.

Finally, we decided on the Spare Ribs (with tobacco onions and sate rice) and Pasta Ricardo (fettuccini with chopped mussels sautéed in olive oil and garlic, topped with parmesan cheese and home grown soft shelled crab). Sounds good? Yes. Food heaven.

For dessert, we ordered the Banana Foster. Us, uncultured people did not know what it was and we were pleasantly surprised with our choice. Here's a description grabbed from Wikipedia: " a dessert made from bananas and vanilla ice cream, with a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur. The butter, sugar and bananas are cooked, and then the alcohol is added and ignited." Hmm. Might try this at home.

On another day, we again visited 21, but this time for merienda just so we could taste their very famous batchoy. It was extremely filling, and so full of ingredients. Eliel and I had to share a bowl. Ramen what?  I like this batchoy better.

El Ideal
El Ideal is a famous pasalubong shop in Silay. We made a quick merienda detour there before going on our walking tour of the old houses.

It's great for hoarding pasalubong. 

They serve home-style food. Nothing extraordinary. I kind of liked the chicken pie. Too bad the guapple pie wasn't available. That was something I was curious to try.

We visited Felicias for their famous ensaymadas but were pleasantly surprised with their other offerings. The place is a dessert heaven. They say that the chocolate cake is good, but I'm not much of a chocolate cake eater. haha

We ordered their sans rival, ensaymada (of course!) and beef salpicao (because we need some salty in between the sweets! hahaha).

The ensaymada was good, but we found it to be too expensive for its size.

Everyone has been raving about this pastry shop. It's always Instagrammed because their displays are so overwhelming. As soon as you enter the Calea, you are faced with dozens of beautiful cakes. It's the worst place to go when you're on a diet. 

We dropped by the main branch during our first night, but they were already about to close. We got another chance to visit Calea when we made a quick detour to Ayala The District. The main store is prettier, but the cakes are the same and we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon coffee and dessert there. Unfortunately, we were too excited to eat, therefore, we weren't able to take any photos or our orders. Hehe

This is another great place to go pasalubong shopping.  Though they also serve meals, we went there specifically to buy their napoleones to bring back to Manila.

During our last hour in Bacolod, as we were commuting on the way to the airport, we saw a long line of people and a sign that said "Get your hot piyaya here." As a huge fan of piyaya (I think I ate it everyday during high school recess periods.haha) I dragged Eliel along so that we could get some. It was fun watching kuya and ate cooking piyaya. There are two variants - original and ube.

The long wait was totally worth it. Hot piyaya is the best. The filling nearly burnt my tongue because I was too impatient.hihi Look at all that syrup oozing out of the shell. Yummmm. Must remember to try popping piyaya into the oven toaster the next time I buy from the supermarket. ;)

And that caps off our Valentine's Day series of dates. :))

Any other places we missed?



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