UP Food Trip

Chino's been proposing a "campus food trip," wherein the plan is that we eat at all the famous food places of the different universities. It never happened.

The closest we got was this jogging trip (yes, we did jog...for a little while), turned food trip (we ate more than the calories we burned) at UP Diliman.

Being the UP "native," I acted as the official photographer while the two Lasallians ate everything within a 5-meter radius of the UP Shopping Center.

First stop was Rodic's, home of the best tapsilog in the world.

Chino became an instant fan. He even bought take-out for his mom. Sweet boy. Ladies, he's single and ready to mingle! ;)

The boys wanted taho for dessert, but since all the manong tahos were at the acad oval, we decided to save that for later.  We headed off to get some turon/carioca instead.

The same stall sold cheese corn and they got some of those as well. 

I didn't get any because I knew I'd get some leftovers after all the food we've eaten.hehe I got carioca instead. Eliel wasn't too happy to hold it for me.

On our way out of UP, we finally saw a manong selling taho. This got the boys excited and of course they had to get a cup each.

All in all, it was a very successful food trip. We definitely made up for the calories lost while jogging. :))