Rainy Day Comfort Date: Heaven's Barbeque, Rocci Chocolate Kitchen

What to do on a rainy Saturday night?

After being stuck home the whole day because of some badass rain, we decided to go out for dinner and dessert. Let's call it our pre-monthsary celebration (we turn 58 months on Monday.yeeeey!)

Rocci Chocolate Kitchen

We initially had plans of trying out this hole-in-the wall resto that we've heard about, but when we got there, it looked too intimidating because six manongs were sitting "tambay style" near the entrance. We chickened out and decided to go somewhere familiar instead. :))

So here we are, having dessert at one of my favorite coffee shops. Me sipping hot cocoa and E cozying up with his choco-banana frapp (all for the free cookies that went with it. I must say, it's quite good.)

Anyway, before I go on about the yummy dessert, here are some photos from dinner earlier.

Dinner was at Heaven's Barbeque (I didn't spell it wrong, it really is barbeQue with a Q.) We used to frequent this place for dinner because it's conveniently located, the ambiance is cozy and homey, it's almost always empty (although we noticed that they're always cooking barbecue. So I guess they mostly cater to deliveries?) and the food fits right in my "comfort food" category.

Heaven's BarbequeHeaven's BarbequeHeaven's BarbequeHeaven's BarbequeHeaven's BarbequeHeaven's Barbeque

We always order the Q-Bowl. It's BBQ-flavored rice topped with barbecue. I love any type of flavored rice and barbecue is one of those classic food that's hard to get tired of. My only complaint is that the barbecue portion is too small. Solution? Order an extra stick of barbecue.

Heaven's Barbeque - Q-BowlHeaven's Barbeque - MenuHeaven's BarbequeHeaven's Barbeque

After dinner, we moved to Rocci Chocolate Kitchen (another spot I like to visit). They just recently renovated and it's definitely improved. It now looks classier and more inviting.

Rocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate Kitchen

I'm having a cup of Hot Cocoa Heaven and a Reese's Peanut Butter bar. E's having some Choco Banana freeze which came with three cookies. Technically, we shared everything.haha I'd say the Reese's Peanut Butter bar is a real winner. It's like eating a huge Reese's piece, but with dark chocolate on top. Such a treat for a Reese's lover.

Rocci Chocolate KitchenRocci Chocolate Kitchen - Reese's Peanut Butter Bar

What a lovely Saturday. More rainy Saturdays like these, please! :)



  1. ooohh shiitt i almost throw-up when i ated their crisp cookie with crisp hair, no plan to dine back there anymore...so shy with my friend!

  2. Oh no :( That's such an unfortunate incident. Hopefully, that was just a one time thing. Anyhow, I don't think I'll stop going there soon because their desserts are too yummy to resist. Oh well. haha