Date Day: Mister Kabab, Churros and American Pie

E and I see each other everyday, but weekends are extra special because we can spend entire days together. We don't do much, we just love being together.

May 6, Sunday:

We had lunch at Mister Kabab where we stuffed ourselves with chicken kabab, sizzling keema, salad with yogurt and beryani rice.

We then drove to Il Terrazo because E had to buy this underwater camera case. While we were there, we stopped by Rustan's to get Snickers ice cream bars. Quite a good substitute for Magnum, which we originally wanted. It's a bit on the sweet side, though.

Afterwards, we were supposed to spend the afternoon outdoors, just lying down on the grass, reading, taking photos. Unfortunately, it rained so hard, we had to change our plans. Boo.

We decided to catch a movie at Greenbelt, instead. The best schedule we could find was the one in Greenbelt 1, so that's where we went. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that our movie cost us only Php 120 per  person. That's really cheap nowadays, when movies usually range from Php 160 to 200. Yey, new movie place! The only setback is that the seats aren't elevated. But it's very minor and we can definitely live with that.

We stopped by Dulcinea to buy some churros for the movie. Yum. 

The movie was funny, just like all other American Pie movies. The story wasn't that solid, but then again, the real joy was in seeing all our favorite characters from the past movies get together again. 

After the movie, we went to mass and ate pancit canton with bread for dinner. 

Oh the simple joys of a long-term relationship. :) I don't mind having a million more days just like this.