Awesome Anniv Surprise: Feature on

This is a slightly delayed announcement, but Y and E recently received a super cool anniversary present. Last September 23, we got an email from Kotone of CreativeCouples asking us if it was okay if they feature our blog on their site.  How cool was it that they e-mailed us on the exact date of our anniversary? Must be destiny. :)

At first, we were like, "How on earth did they find our blog?!" But regardless of how, we're glad they did. After a few e-mails back and forth, our link was finally on their site.

So what exactly is Creative Couples?
"Creative Couples is an online magazine-style website for couples in business two-gether. We connect and feature couples that successfully balance work, love and lifestyle. We are a business and lifestyle resource for individuals and couples."

Pretty cool.

We are so honored to have been noticed and featured by this Canada-based website. They followed U.S. (@StoryOfUS_blog) on Twitter, too! (Follow them at @creativecouples.)

Please do check out Lots of interesting reads there on different topics, whether you're single or part of a couple.

Much love,