The 4th Year Anniversary Post

If I were in high school and my future self came to visit and told me that in 2011 I’d be in a committed four-year relationship with Eliel, I’d probably roll on the floor laughing. For one thing, he was this emo, freaky-genius Math wiz who’s so tiny, it’s like he’s everyone’s smart little brother. Also, I not-so-secretly wanted him to end up with one of my friends. We were never classmates and we even ran against each other for a batch officer position.

If I were in college, freshman year, and my future self came to visit and told me that in 3 years, I’d agree to be Eliel’s girlfriend, I’d probably think future Yza was joking. Unlike most of my high school batchmates who came to Manila to study in either UP Diliman or Ateneo, Eliel was the only one who went to La Salle. It's almost impossible for us to meet on a regular basis. Besides, I always wanted a long-haired artsy UP boyfriend. Haha.

But look how things turned out. Looks like the joke’s on me.

I love how something so unexpected ended up as the best thing that ever happened in my life. Now, I couldn’t remember what it was like before it was Eliel and Yza, Eliza, Elyza, U.S.

I guess those years of being friends and not expecting anything really helped push us in the right direction. Right now, more than anything else, we’re friends, best friends who can’t get enough of each other. This, I realized, is what makes our bond super fun, though not as dramatic as some relationships are. Just the way I like it.

Four years is both a short time and a long time (depending on how you look at it) and it’s been a crazy-nonstop getting-to-know-you phase. Every day, there is still something new to find out. (Like last week, I found out he has photographic memory and I’m green with envy.) There is always something funny to laugh about.  There are always amazing new places to visit. There is always time for cuddling and silly banter, just like there is time for serious conversations (relatively shorter than the silly talk, though). There is always something worth sharing and I’m glad I found the right person to be with. Gosh. I'm lucky AND blessed.

I love you, E!
Happy Fourth Birthday to U.S.


p.s. I am still waiting for the day when we don't celebrate our anniversary playing Farmville (2009) or miles apart (2010 and 2011).


  1. awww! Yza! I didn't think you would really post something for our anniversary.. :) Kahilakon ko. =p I love you! *mwah*!

    p.s. I am long-haired now. The only thing left is to enroll in UP and become artsy. 

  2. So that's why eliel has been growing his long hair! haha! "Long hair artsy
    boyfriend." Haha Artsy nalang bro kulang. You're already half way there. Hahaha!

  3. He also has pornographic memory. hahaha! Nice post yza!

  4. Sir Tricycle Driver, I also need to enroll in UP to qualify. so I'm still 1/3. haha.