Lazy Song

Yza went home to Cebu this weekend for work. It may not seem obvious but an Yza-free weekend is a boring and lazy weekend for me.

So I looked for something to do and stumbled upon Bruno Mars' Lazy Song music video. This wasn't the first time I saw that video but when I watched it again, it gave me an idea! Why don't I make my own music video out of that song patterned after the same concept?

And so I did.

Recorded my voice. Rearranged the room. Improvised a tripod. Shot the scenes. Take 2. Take 3. Wrapped the shoot. Migrated the files. Edited the video. Uploaded....
My best effort as a one-man production team, all in 6 hours.

Vocals, Whistling, Hoohoos, OMG LOL Voice-over and Performance by E.
Sound effects and instrumental track from the Internet.

Now what to do next?